Low – “The Invisible Way”Sub Pop-out March 194 / 5 The Duluth, MN trio has been around twenty years; and on this, their tenth album, it’s easy to assume some sort of dulling in their craft. How often does a band keep itself around for two decades and keep itself fresh? While we cannot speak the whole of Low’s discography, The Invisible Way, their latest release, is a slow, melancholy, mature album, aged like a glass of wine. It lets on like a funeral dirge with moments of bare sunlight shining through; it passes like a sad man on the streets, quiet and memorable. ItRead More →

Jim James – “Regions of Light and Sound of God”ATO Records-out tomorrow4 / 5 Perhaps Jim James is aiming a little too high when naming his solo album “Sound of God.” But honestly, he’s the frontman for My Morning Jacket, a band we think is going to be the next U2. Just take one charcoal whiff of “State of the Art (A E I O U),” and you can’t help but be impressed with all that beautiful slow-burn rock: it just smolders exactly where it should. And none too soon. Considering MMJ’s rather unfocused Circuital from 2011, we’re hopping onto the James bandwagon once moreRead More →

Dutch Uncles – Out of Touch in the WildMemphis Industries-out Jan. 14 (UK)4 / 5 We’re glad that the first album of the new year comes from the fresh and funky Brits Dutch Uncles. It’s a shame that these guys are all the way over on the other side of the Atlantic, but we’re suggesting that you make that trip, especially if you’re a fan of  electronic orchestral pop. Like Field Music (and last year’s Plumb) expect a smattering of electronica, strings and other traditional instruments, funky rhythms, and a general brightness in music making. Take all these, and shake – not stir – andRead More →

Bury Me a Lion – Year of the LionSelf-released, online– out now4 / 5 From out of nowhere comes this leaping lion at us from New York City, a quartet’s worth of slightly punked modern rockers. Go ahead, spin up that opener; if “Be Your Own Bomb” doesn’t swagger like a Mick Jagger then maybe you’re hearing wrong – these guys are the real deal, and they sway with as much confidence as any sum of Strokes has. Actually, that’s probably our best approximation to the Lion’s sound: a Strokes kind of drive with a more enthused singer (and he’s really solid to boot). OurRead More →