Hello ones and all!We just wanted to address some things about our blog. Yes, it’s been a good three or so years of running it, and we still haven’t really addressed y’all that well about how we go about doing things. So better late than never, though in this case maybe never would come off cooler. So then, the stars (actually they’re just numbers): we feel that an album must be above and beyond average to merit your time. Hence, 3 un-stars doesn’t cut it, but 3.5 just barely does. We often award around the 2.5- 3.5 range because we’ve found that most albums, byRead More →

Whitehorse – “The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss”Six Shooter Records-out now2.5 / 5 Canadian folk band Whitehorse jumps right out of the gates. The husband-wife duo start right off with such a strong opening that we’re left wondering what’s to come. Unfortunately, not much is the answer. The quality of their writing is so uneven that it astounds us, and the vocals that drive these songs are similarly uneven. “Achilles’ Desire” is one of those great openings, dark country, saloon gunfight kind of pace to it, that captures our heart. It’s strange and brilliant that it’s something of a love song, butRead More →

Radiation City – “Animals in the Median”Tender Loving Empire-out today3 / 5 The Portland, Oregon’s pop unit has some mixed blessings on their sophomore. Their sound is deliberate, their decisions intentional; there isn’t much room for putzing about on the album. They know what they want and they go right for it. Unfortunately, some of these tracks are fairly sleepy, and that’s perhaps the best way to put it. Every now and then, they drift a bit dreamily, and come out the worse for it. And what they go for isn’t necessarily tight and focused, it doesn’t always produce a brilliant listening experience, but let’sRead More →