I recently “discovered God,” as they say, and wanted to immortalize my understanding of Him in a blog post and religion. Keeferianism (still working on the name): The knowledge that God exists, and the belief that S/He certainly does not. That’s it.   ****   The following you can read as a “Bible/Koran” etc. It’s an example of my religion in practice. EXAMPLE: Me (at a party with friends) God (walks in unannounced): Want to hear a joke? MK: Wait, you. Whut. Why. God: *tells story of Noah’s Flood* God: *tells story of fall of Babylon* God: *tells story of my life (1)* God: (1)Read More →

We’re at the penultimate chapter of our Gogol-inspired “Dead Souls: An American Poem.” Don’t forget to catch up on Tchitchikov and Mrs. Smith, the poor woman he hoodwinked into giving him the voter registration lists. Click below to read almost the whole of our free, serialized novel, “Dead Souls: An American Poem.” And also, ebooks available in EPUB and MOBI formats, pay-what-you-want: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1028161   Chapter ElevenRead More →