Young Kyle Rittenhouse, I’m so sorry you are caught in this war of words. I want you to play a little game. “Division.” I want you to listen to the words spoken by Mr. Carlson, and also the words you speak, and I want you to divide those words into words that came into your mind by yourself. And words that were someone else’s. Close your eyes, click start, and do that. And then open your eyes. Whose is whose? This is a parlor trick of this video. To me, it sounds like they’re 50/50 from Carlson’s mouth, right? And 50/50 from yours? Keep trackRead More →

Yesterday, Rep Gosar (R-AZ) threatened to assassinate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Rep. Gosar Blames Biden For His Death Threat Against AOC I want to lay things out. I meet my political opponents where they are. They talk, I talk. They yell, I yell. They kill, I kill. We learned this with the Nazis in WWII. This is that moment, now. We need to step up to our political opponents, and meet them where they are. My dad reminds me of this every day, may he continue to rest in peace.   I will make this next part clear. If Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is assassinated, I will findRead More →

I recently “discovered God,” as they say, and wanted to immortalize my understanding of Him in a blog post and religion. Keeferianism (still working on the name): The knowledge that God exists, and the belief that S/He certainly does not. That’s it.   ****   The following you can read as a “Bible/Koran” etc. It’s an example of my religion in practice. EXAMPLE: Me (at a party with friends) God (walks in unannounced): Want to hear a joke? MK: Wait, you. Whut. Why. God: *tells story of Noah’s Flood* God: *tells story of fall of Babylon* God: *tells story of my life (1)* God: (1)Read More →