We’re going to come out and say it. Actually, we’re going to say two things, here. One: we’re not the biggest music outlet you’re going to find. But we like it that way. And two: well… who the heck is going to go out and buy the 50 top albums of 2015? Really? Actually, the second thing we wanted to say is we’re not particularly fans of mainstream music coverage. But still, see point above. We were scratching our heads at how useful throwing 50 albums at someone might actually be. This year, we had a lean year. We’re going to throw one at you.Read More →

We’ll make this quick and sweet for all y’all. Power vocals take it this here. So here they are, this one: Ahbsolutely. Hozier’s deep, aching voice tells the story of love in the kind of way old people tell the weather with their bones. It’s inside, it’s hidden, it resonates with past experiences all from this young, lucky Irish kid. It’s music that sticks with you, music to sing along to, to ache along to, to be serenaded and wooed in the most extraordinary and dark ways. It’s something we want our listeners to partake in, at least once, and we highly HIGHLY recommend theRead More →

You must’ve been expecting it. We definitely went out of our way to make these guys and gals feel comfortable on our blog (which is no mean feat, considering there are this many: Riders on the hill. Sun to their backs: strategic positioning. of them). We absolutely love the 11-piece’s orchestra rock, brilliantly written, full and vast. And writing is the strength of White Lighter, Typhoon’s debut full-length: it is dense and mercurial, it is writing for musicians, it is writing that bursts like a wave’s crest upon the sea, it challenges and envelops. It’s the reason why we gave the Portland, OR outfit ourRead More →

Lovely as stained glass: Patty Griffin’s voice is nothing short of beautiful. You know us: sometimes we jostle around the numbers and fudge them in all kinds of ways. Well, we couldn’t feel good about ourselves if we gave Beware of Darkness (a 4.5/5) a higher slot than Patty Griffin’s American Kid, which is just so replete with beautiful, home-spun harmonies (with Robert Plant no less) and dinner-evening storytelling that it would be criminal to go just by the numbers. Besides, maybe we could’ve gone a little higher on American Kid – an homage to her late Irish father – but better late than never.Read More →