When we talk about determining guilt based on “a jury of your peers,” why doesn’t the defendant get to weigh in on who their peers are? Specifically, why can’t they include experts they summoned during their defense? Just curious. *****I wish there were magic words I could say to a police officer whereby I could basically guarantee I would not end up dead. I’ll even give some ground here. How about, “I am willing to submit myself to your arrest,” and then I just keep my mouth shut. What a world. ***** The sticky note I put up here a week ago – police officersRead More →

We’re at the penultimate chapter of our Gogol-inspired “Dead Souls: An American Poem.” Don’t forget to catch up on Tchitchikov and Mrs. Smith, the poor woman he hoodwinked into giving him the voter registration lists. Click below to read almost the whole of our free, serialized novel, “Dead Souls: An American Poem.” And also, ebooks available in EPUB and MOBI formats, pay-what-you-want: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1028161   Chapter ElevenRead More →