Illus. by Alessandra Briggs,

Our second collection of shorts and poems is going to be released on Amazon all through 2017. If you purchased a digital copy of Vol. 1, well congrats, because you’re getting an update (or rather, several updates) that will be Vol. 2. Gratis. We’re starting with a flash fiction and a poem, for now. A thank you for your support.

We’ve spoiled the titles of the new stories, and a ToC for you. Here’s the Amazon link right here. We’ll be putting the new stories up one-by-one, just because we thought it’d be fun. And we’re brewing in our head a possibility to add a Vol. 3, but that’s far, far away right now.

We’ll announce when paperbacks are available (Vol. 1 paperbacks are not on Amazon) and where to buy them, likely toward the end of 2017. They’ll be hanging around in indie bookstores in the New England area, and we’re happy to ship them out directly if you message us here (currently Vol. 1 is available through here – $12 + shipping). Book signings, meet and greets, etc. etc. to come some months from now.


P.S. – Allie’s cover is an illustration of “The Prisoner.” We think you’ll like.

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