You must’ve been expecting it. We definitely went out of our way to make these guys and gals feel comfortable on our blog (which is no mean feat, considering there are this many:

Riders on the hill. Sun to their backs: strategic positioning.

of them). We absolutely love the 11-piece’s orchestra rock, brilliantly written, full and vast. And writing is the strength of White Lighter, Typhoon’s debut full-length: it is dense and mercurial, it is writing for musicians, it is writing that bursts like a wave’s crest upon the sea, it challenges and envelops. It’s the reason why we gave the Portland, OR outfit our much-heralded five-of-five. With songs like “Young Fathers,” the post-apocalyptic “100 Years” and “Hunger and Thirst” – each of which is about three songs in one – we find ourselves truly impressed with how far each song carries in thought and development, many of them musings on mortality (which we love, of course). Can we tell you how many times we’ve spun this album up? No idea, but over fifty at least. And now we’re telling you to spin this one up, too. It’s well worth your time, a candidate for being a classic, and not only the album of the year, but of the last couple years.

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