First order of business:

Taking a break from music reviewing. You see, it costs money.

Second order of business:

Still plan on rambling on my blog. Oh so many of you enjoy it oh so much.

Third order of business:

Since it’s been half a year of futzing with music, I might as well give you my recommendations for these six months worth:

-Animal Collective, “Merriweather Post Pavilion”: Named after an actual venue (where AC played), this hyper-electronic pop mix-up is great fun on the senses. Sure, it takes a little while to get used to the sonic mish-mash here, but the effort definitely pays off; listen to “My Girls” and “Brother Sport.”

-The Decembrists, “The Hazards of Love”: It has a great, ultra-rock-opera intro. Good cast of characters. The only thing holding this album back is that it’s been almost three months and I still can’t figure exactly what’s going on with the plot, but ignoring that, check out “Won’t Want for Love” and “The Wanting Comes in Waves.”

-Grizzly Bear, “Veckatimest”: There’s not much to make sense of when it comes to the title, but this collection of post-Animal Collective pop/alternative songs does it right from the get-go. It’s enchanting, different, exciting, and strange enough to enjoy; all this and it still spins up fresh and pretty each time. Try out the fantastic deep-guitar opener, “Southern Point,” as well as its follow-up, kind of goofy “Two Weeks.”Gorgeous.

-Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “It’s Blitz”: Dance time, people. Karen O knocks this one out with crazy-catchy tunes and a deep electric buzz that sinks into your spine. If you’re not grooving to “Hysteric” or “Dull Life,” get a doctor.

Keep in mind, there are other great albums out there, so keep your ears perked. Peace out.

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