Blackmarket – “St. Vincent Decor”
-out now
3 / 5

Power-pop group from AZ Blackmarket definitely sound like they’re enjoying a rush from beginning to end of their second full-length album. And it’s a good ride, too: there are good songs, good lyrics, good vocals throughout this album. But on a second and third spin, Blackmarket ends up lacking what’s so vital in the crowded music market, which is individuality. They sound like most any other power-chord rock group, and while they’re good at what they do, what they do is not particularly special, in terms of style or flavor. “Blue Lemon” is a perfect example; an excellent single with a memorable chorus, it could easily fit on an album by an acoustic Motion City Soundtrack or a more upbeat Alkaline Trio. Other than this, there’s plenty to recommend it, but ultimately, what’s going to keep it in your stereo is that it’s good and different from all the other junk you’ve got. Which it’s not, unfortunately. Take a pass unless you really need a quick pick-me-up.

Listen to “Blue Lemon”:

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