Hello ones and all!We just wanted to address some things about our blog. Yes, it’s been a good three or so years of running it, and we still haven’t really addressed y’all that well about how we go about doing things. So better late than never, though in this case maybe never would come off cooler. So then, the stars (actually they’re just numbers): we feel that an album must be above and beyond average to merit your time. Hence, 3 un-stars doesn’t cut it, but 3.5 just barely does. We often award around the 2.5- 3.5 range because we’ve found that most albums, byRead More →

While we* were at the Newport Folk Festival this past weekend (“we” being actual “we,” not our fond royal “we”), we were pondering something. We’re not exactly sure how to put this, but here’s where the idea was started: during one of the sets, it started raining. Another media-type beside us (most likely, tag hidden under a coat) started texting or tweeting or some sort of thing on his phone. While it was raining. Drops hit on the screen, and still “bip, bop, boop” and all that good stuff.Here then, is the thought: how stupid are we? As in “we, the media,” not people inRead More →

Hello ones and alls,Here at RMMM, we realize how little we’ve been reviewing/interviewing, and wanted to apologize. Things are very quite busy behind the scenes, and it takes a bit of time to run a blog. But we figured it’s actually easier just to rant and rave, rather than give you useful music tips, and besides, we have a name to earn on this blog. Our first question actually comes from a HS friend whom we haven’t seen in a few years, and whom hasn’t actually posed a question: why does music suck? Actually: why does music nowadays suck? Our position: you’re not listening inRead More →