OK Go – “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”Capitol Records– out tomorrow4.5 / 5 With five years since their pop-oriented “Oh No,” Chicago’s OK Go takes a heavier turn on their third full-length, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.” If we were to characterize the colo(u)r of this album, it would be dark, distortion blue; and if we were to characterize how good it is, it’d be more than OK. While it should be noted there are explicit lyrics, and this album starts right away a touch darker (“the kinda thrill that could just kill you,” from opener “WTF?”) it is ultimately upliftingRead More →

Vampire Weekend – “Contra”XL Recordings– out Jan 123.5 / 5 With a pastiche of Animal Collective electronica comes the second full-length from Vampire Weekend, the ambitious and playful “Contra.” Right now, it’s that opener “Horchata” that’s got us grooving: pure, blissful beeps and boops; light lyrics a la Fun. (the band). It’s light and poppy, and pretty easy to get into “Contra,” but it lands somewhat closer to Fun. than AC when it comes to musical complexity; that’s to say that it’s not as deep as we’d like it to be. Nonetheless, you get quality singles such as the one above and “Run,” which hailsRead More →