The Silent League – “But You’ve Always Been the Caretaker”Something in Construction Records-out Jan 264 / 5 The Brooklyn septet’s third album is a grand, loosely conceptual affair. The opening, “WHEN STARS ATTACK!!” is the kind of intro that would put a smile on Wayne Coyne’s face (circa 1999); it is gorgeous and glorious, perhaps a bit overstated, but definitely in a good, operatic way. Why, then, do they devolve into “Yours Truly, 2095,” the following track? It seems all the great intentions should build into something better than mainstream pop chock with superfluous effects and annoying auto-tuned vocals. This is the biggest gripe onRead More →

OK Go – “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”Capitol Records– out tomorrow4.5 / 5 With five years since their pop-oriented “Oh No,” Chicago’s OK Go takes a heavier turn on their third full-length, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.” If we were to characterize the colo(u)r of this album, it would be dark, distortion blue; and if we were to characterize how good it is, it’d be more than OK. While it should be noted there are explicit lyrics, and this album starts right away a touch darker (“the kinda thrill that could just kill you,” from opener “WTF?”) it is ultimately upliftingRead More →