A long-haired brunette came on stage, dressed in a black, short-sleeved shirt, black tights. The stage lights accented her high cheekbones, cut softly, feminine yet harsh. A crowd of St. Vincent fans, ranging in their early 20s to 30s, seemed intent on the headliner, whose distinctive angular songcraft and wild rockstar attitude would  woo the crowd already desperate for her. But Le Bon, a relative unknown to the Boston crowd (already they were chatting, perhaps wondering who this woman was; when was Annie Clark’s act to come on?) strummed the first few notes on her wood-grained electric guitar, strange, out-of-place notes except for their distinctRead More →

Like sandwiches? Cause Cate Le Bon + St. Vincent smacks of a good ole PB + J, in a strictly musical sense. Consider it an aural feast in indie pop-ness: Le Bon, like an early, lyrical Cat Power plus St. Vincent, the rock out, blast noise in your ear and make you bleed happy kinda girl. Yeah, we’re looking forward to the duo… now, you know we appreciate Vincent’s new one, and we just want to tease you about Le Bon’s new one coming out early next year.There’s a link… right… about… here. This one off her single last month.So, yeah, you guys won’t beRead More →