Hello everyone. Before I start my statement below, I want to clear up some context. On this site, I am usually farcical, I poke fun, I make jokes. What I am stating below is not farcical, or fun, or a joke. This is not sarcasm, satire or any moment of levity. I am being serious. Take my words here and below literally, at face value. I do not intend any sense of humor in this post. I will explain my language and intent to the best of my ability. I state this because written communication can easily be misunderstood. You don’t see the writer’s face,Read More →

This story (a year old) is what we’d like to repost to you all: Podcast:https://noextrawords.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/episode-23-thankful-a-true-heart-never-come-from-anything-more-than-ashes/ http://fictionaut.com/stories/matthew-keefer/a-house-burning.pdf Hold on. Be political. Don’t give up. It’s not too much, it’s too important.-Mgmt.Read More →