Delta Spirit – Self-titled
Concord Music Group
-due March 13
3.5 / 5

Here it is, the third full-length follow-up to 2011’s Middle Brother. In comparison to Deer Tick’s and Dawes’ latest LPs, we’re going to say the Cali band’s release here is the strongest of the three; yet, we’re going to admit that wasn’t a terribly strong contest. Fans inducted by their debut EP, I Think I’ve Found It, will find this latest album passable, good enough to get their Delta Spirit fix. But, truth be told, are there any tracks here as socially aware as “Streetwalker,” any raucous singalongs like “People, Turn Around?” Unfortunately, no and no. The single promoted here, “California,” is pretty good. Lyrically, it’s not as strong as it should be, and more importantly, it’s musically not their apex: singer Vasquez doesn’t really pull out the stops (and we damn well know he can), and moreover, the Spirit’s percussionist hardly wavers from the 2-and-4 beat he’s set up for this song. There are highs and lows, mostly punctuated by weak, repetitive drumming, and only every now and then do we get a peek at Vasquez’s monster pipes. All in all, there are some good tracks (“Tear it Up, “Otherside”) and some not great ones (“Tellin’ the Mind” – still no idea what this one’s about). It’s good, but really, you’re likely to plop in that debut EP anytime over this one. Still recommended for your Delta Spirit fix.

Check out the band and get a single right here!

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