Okay, so we don’t exactly have the album here. But allow us to introduce you to this website: NoiseTrade. We kinda like it on both fronts: helps smaller artists get out there, and helps you (the listeners) find them. For free. And if you like it and can afford a tip, more power to ya.

So then, Ivan and Alyosha have their debut full-length coming out later this year. (We’re still dying to confirm a review on it, so fingers crossed.) In the meantime, head up to that website, and they’ll throw an I + A sampler at you, “The Cabin Sessions.” While you wait for the full-length, check out that website a bit more; some gems we’ve grabbed in the last year: Delta Spirit’s fantastic EPs; Marketa Irglova live; Civil Wars live set. Can be a mixed bag, but it’s a great way to find what you enjoy listening to.
And those albums don’t stay up forever! So grab it while you can!
Peace out girlscouts,

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