Sexy sexy. Yes. Twice.

It’s a stunning retro-throwback to disco / funky R&B sexytimes that Sean Tilman, aka Har Mar Superstar, brings on his fifth full-length, Bye Bye 17. If you couldn’t tell, Mr. Tilman doesn’t take himself too seriously, but we certainly have to: he’s got great rhythm, good pipes and a great ear for songwriting. Check out choruses like “Restless Leg” and “Rhythm Bruises”; “Leg” is too fun to keep you from smiling, and “Bruises” hits the opposite end of the spectrum, the kind of melody that you have to sing along to and realize you’re just no good at it. Oh well, it was worth the shot, yes? That doesn’t even bring us to our favorite song… have you seen Prisoner? Do you want to see Prisoner? The video with Juliette Lewis? Yes, yes you do. Tilman’s innate goofiness cannot possibly overshadow the absolute perfection of this track, which screams pure pleasure from his vocals to every little supporting note by the horns. If you didn’t get how much we love his dual-nature, go read up on our original review, which we still stick by 100%. Now go pick up this fun, fresh and musically fertile album.

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