I recently “discovered God,” as they say, and wanted to immortalize my understanding of Him in a blog post and religion. Keeferianism (still working on the name): The knowledge that God exists, and the belief that S/He certainly does not. That’s it.   ****   The following you can read as a “Bible/Koran” etc. It’s an example of my religion in practice. EXAMPLE: Me (at a party with friends) God (walks in unannounced): Want to hear a joke? MK: Wait, you. Whut. Why. God: *tells story of Noah’s Flood* God: *tells story of fall of Babylon* God: *tells story of my life (1)* God: (1)Read More →

When we talk about determining guilt based on “a jury of your peers,” why doesn’t the defendant get to weigh in on who their peers are? Specifically, why can’t they include experts they summoned during their defense? Just curious. *****I wish there were magic words I could say to a police officer whereby I could basically guarantee I would not end up dead. I’ll even give some ground here. How about, “I am willing to submit myself to your arrest,” and then I just keep my mouth shut. What a world. ***** The sticky note I put up here a week ago – police officersRead More →