Today we want you to catch up on your comedic telethon intake; we suspect you might’ve come a bit short after the Super Bowl weekend. On Feb 1st, the Lady Parts Justice League held a telethon celebrating… ummm… vagi- we mean, lady parts (tee hee). Do check out the fundraiser at their satellite site,, and bid on some of the ridiculous items up for auction (see below). These auctions end on Feb. 14th: Valentine’s Day warning! The LPJL is an organization of comics and other artists/activists who look to protect women’s reproductive rights. So if you’re a fan of women, reproduction or rights, then maybe you should pay attention.

Especially because there are a LOT of them (rights, reproducing people, women in particular):

Lots of ladies. Sarah Silverman (glasses), Lizz Winstead (red cap) and a crew from the LPJL.

These people, and many more, held a fundraiser to support the LPJL, which takes its name from MI Representative Jim Stamas’ horror and offense at hearing the word “vagina” (tee hee hee) by a female Representative on the floor of the House in 2012. He suggested using the term “lady parts” instead. Afterward, he immediately continued legislating against the vagi- we mean, “lady parts,” with a regressive bill limiting access to methods of birth control.

This is true. You can actually see it happen at this link here. (We feel pretty bad for Ms. Brown, the offending Representative.)

(Offending both for saying “vagina” and for having one that didn’t want to be legislated against.)

So fast forward to today. Or rather, four days ago: the LPJL Telethon Fundraiser had a whole slew of guests, including (the above) Sarah Silverman, of Silverman fame; Lizz Winstead of The Daily Show; and Mark Hamill, of…

Well, he was on an episode of The Simpsons. He might’ve done something else, but we’ll leave that up to Wikipedia.

Here he is with Winstead!

L: Mark Hamill of Simpsons fame; R: Lizz Winstead. Far L: Appreciative hands.

And a closeup of one of various things that you can bid on to help those wanton lady parts:

Hi. C.O. Mark Hamill

We again advise you check out this amazing telethon (at and enjoy yourself, and, if you’re feeling especially progressive, to donate to this organization (auction items here). Items include this lovely dance helmet, as well as a voicemail recorded by Hamill in the voice of the Joker from the animated Batman series (if only we’d checked Wikipedia!). Also, check into their main site:, especially if you feel like donating. Thanks for stopping by, for checking out these cool photos (all belonging to the LPJL), and we’ll catch you real soon for our next review.


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