Post Harbor – “They Can’t Hurt You if You Don’t Believe in Them”
Burning Building Records
– out Feb 16th
2.5 / 5

Whether you run a mile or twenty, it’s all about pacing. This is the theory behind Seattle slow-rockers Post Harbor in “They Can’t Hurt You if You Don’t Believe in Them,” a drawn-out, spacey guitar affair. Anyone familiar with a tortoise will find that both band and reptile lack the ability to change chords in less than four seconds; and while that which Post Harbor strikes out here isn’t altogether bad, much of what they utilize to get there (ponderous, repetitive power chords, distorted vocals) isn’t all that new or unique. The outcome is somewhat similar, somewhat engaging, but not entirely new nor challenging in the genre: what they need here is more structural complexity (like a tortoise’s patterned shell) and less sluggishness (like a tortoise’s walk). Unless you don’t mind memorizing a few seconds of sound, you might not enjoy hearing the same guitar cycles on this longwinded one. Pass.

Listen to “Ponaturi”:

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