Starfucker – “Reptilians”
Polyvinyl Records
-out now
3.5 / 5

Okay, so the band name sounds like an insult a Stormtrooper would throw during a South Park episode. But give us a minute, because we think this Portland, OR electro-pop group is onto something. Right out of the gate, Starfucker has us right away, with a bit of guitar and Flaming Lips-styled electronica melting into a dense, pounding dance/pop groove. Then most fun thing about Starfucker is its, ummm… sheer fun. They play well, play hard, and don’t take themselves too seriously. And just because Starfucker lacks a serious bone in their collective bodies doesn’t mean they don’t mean business: “Reptilians” lacks pretension (look at the album name, for one), is chock-a-block with great, effortless melodies, and is stacked with wonderful layers. We don’t think this is going to be your next “Graceland” or “Joshua Tree,” but we do know that if Superman had to save a city with super-groove, this would be his album of choice. Enjoyable, well-constructed, and a simple joy; recommended.

Listen to: “Death as a Fetish.”

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