Wow. So we don’t usually post on the weekends, only in times of complete and utter emergency (like hearing the Decemberists streaming their new album), but we felt this rated somewhere between “Five Alarm Fire” and “Twelve Car Pile-Up,” as far as emergencies go. Speaking of fires, Sharon Jones, the one and only soul singer in our hearts, nigh well burned down the house at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH last night, and shout-outs are especially deserved for her (and her Dap-Kings’) performance. Let it be said, there was much a-singing and a-ringing, shaking and shimmying, and a general good time was had by all. Especially by the rather corpulent gentleman to whom she crooned on-stage (“Give it Back,” we believe was the love song), and doubly-especially by some mysterious haberdashed “Tom” figure, who go the full onstage treatment for “Window Shopping” (was the scarf thing too much? Nah, just enough). Did this blog mention Jones was a fantastic soul singer? Perhaps it’s somewhere on one of these posts. But in case you want a fuller experience (no photo pass this time, sorry!) suffice it to say Jones was in fine form, and the double-encore was definitely necessary.
So. What are you still doing around here? Go out and watch her!
(Ultra shout-out to the girlfriend for landing these tickets!)
Peace out,

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