Kyle Morton circa the solemn 1930s (B&W). Photo (c) Jeremy Paul Hernandez. Rough Trade NYC, New York, NY. Fri. 1-20-17, Doors 8p, Show 9p. $15.Cafe 393, Boston, MA. Sat. 01-21-17, Doors 7:30p, Show 8p. SOLD OUT. In case you were unaware, we are obsessed with Typhoon. You might want to read our review of their debut full-length White Lighter from 2013 – one of two 5 / 5’s on this little blog (the other belonging to Deer Tick). It’s a brilliant album, we can safely say. So when we saw Kyle Morton’s solo tour, the same Mr. Morton who is primary songwriter and singer forRead More →

Illus. by Alessandra Briggs, Our second collection of shorts and poems is going to be released on Amazon all through 2017. If you purchased a digital copy of Vol. 1, well congrats, because you’re getting an update (or rather, several updates) that will be Vol. 2. Gratis. We’re starting with a flash fiction and a poem, for now. A thank you for your support. We’ve spoiled the titles of the new stories, and a ToC for you. Here’s the Amazon link right here. We’ll be putting the new stories up one-by-one, just because we thought it’d be fun. And we’re brewing in our head aRead More →

Lookin’ for these? Rare tickets (from 2015) It’s the annual hot spot for music-philes: the Newport Folk Fest. But, tragically, tickets are sold out. What’s a Flight of the Conchords fan to do? First: -If you can’t get in, there are Aftershows in downtown Newport. Even though it’s often for one musician, Newport is notorious for having several guests from the Festival. The Aftershows are often a mini-Folk Fest in and of themselves (with Deer Tick a frequent flier). To do: follow Newport Folk Festival on Facebook/Twitter, or sign up for their mailing list ( Keep in mind, seating is very limited at these venues,Read More →

We’re sorry! We’re slackers! But here’s vital voting information for New Englanders looking to vote in the Republican (or Democratic) Primaries. YOU NEED TO REGISTER TO VOTE, AAAAACK! In order of soonest to latest: MA: Register by Feb 10th, 8pm Eastern. That’s tomorrow! ME: Register by Feb 19th VT: Register by Feb 24th RI: Register by March 27th CT: Register by April 21 Keep in mind, if you want to choose between Bernie or Hillary, most states you have to register as Democrat, or can register as Independent. Play it safe, register Democrat if that’s who you want to vote for. You’re not committed toRead More →

Speak softly and carry a large guitar. Guthrie, Woody. Almost 30 years ago, a crazy old coot of a politician recorded some protest songs from the 60s. Armed with static-prone hair, no musical talent, and an uncanny ability to point in the air with his finger while talking, he gathered some local state musicians who, apparently, were immune to common sense. Not realizing that mixing politics – and specifically, politicians – in music is not dissimilar to mixing (often crude) oil in water, these brave artists soldiered on with their labors and produced some of the least-known independently released covers ever to grace this country.Read More →

As appears in the collection, The Keeper of Dreams. Painting courtesy of Dylan Kubic, @flaeschama on Instagram. Happy Holidays!-Mgmt The tour bus groaned to a halt; the troubadour kicked back in his seat and looked out the window. Cars passed by in the southern heat; the air conditioner kept blowing against a few loose papers. He opened the fridge and poured another cup of lemonade. “This damned heat,” he said. His tour manager nodded and returned to his phone. The troubadour sighed. The guitar from last night still rung in his ears. It was true: he was old. Even worse, he was famous: he couldn’tRead More →

“The best country singers die in the back of classic cars” – Rawlings and Gillian Welch and Impala, Chevrolet. Higher Ground, S Burlington, VT. Thurs. 11-12-15, doors 7pm, show 8pm. $30 adv, $35 day of.State Theatre, Portland, ME. Fri. 11-13-15, doors 7pm, show 8pm. $37.50.Lupo’s, Providence, RI. Sat. 11-13-15, doors 7pm. $32-$39.50Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA. Mon. 11-16-15, 8pm. $34.50. You’ve always liked Dave Rawlings. You just haven’t known it. He’s the male-half to Gillian Welch (check out everything from Time (The Revelator) to The Harrow and the Harvest) and everything the two touch is blissful earnest country. Now take your always-scintillating Welch-Rawlings duo, add aRead More →

Tyler and Maggie Heath + band (+ waterfall). Photo (C) Laurie Heath. The Met, Providence, RI. Thurs. 11-12-15, 7pm. $15 adv, $17 day of.Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA. Fri. 11-13-15, doors 7pm, show 8pm. $15 adv. A glorious return to the East Coast cometh a band with a sound like a tidal force. Having left us jaw-gaping at Newport in 2014 (do excuse the poor sound quality), siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath (with about a dozen other musicians) have been on a tear with their sophomore Dear Wormwood. We will admit this: we adore their folksy harmonies. We adore their exuberance, their bright energy. AndRead More →

Sallie Ford (+SOS, -electricity) at Newport, 2011 In a few more weekends, the sheet (music) will hit the fan. It’s that time (of the season) for probably our favorite festival. Probably? Almost certainly. Almost certainly? We can do better than that.It’s about time for the Newport Folk Festival. It took us a little while to do another writeup on it. Why? Lack of inspiration, laziness, lack of direction. Working on a book (or two). But last night, we realized why we had to come back; speaking to a friend, whom we’d met at last year’s, there really is something different about this “little” fest. ARead More →