A Classic Education – “Call It Blazing”
-out tomorrow
2.5 / 5

There are any number of ways to make a particular release stand out sonically: good hooks, powerful vocals, Robert Plant’s exposed chest. Consider this, then, a backhanded compliment: A Classic Education is capable of making themselves sound like other bands. The vocals and song structure reminisce over Band of Horses, while early Yo La Tengo almost certainly inspires “Place a Bet on You.” Now, the reality of these comparisons is that ACE doesn’t really add their own to the mix here. At least, we hope not. Because the end result of Call It Blazing is a dreamy album that sounds like any other dreamy album, and, even worse, it drones without particular direction or drive. Call it uninspired, call it lukewarm, call it what you may; but we’re calling them out on this one – don’t call it blazing. Take a pass.

Listen to “Forever Boy.”

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