Deer Tick – “Divine Providence”
Partisan Records
-out yesterday
3.5 / 5

Deer Tick, one of our favorite bands from the Ocean State, has been cranking these albums out like it’s a bad case of fleas. But there is good news here: if you have an itch for J. J. McCauley and Co., then you should scratch. Divine Providence, while not truly divine (see War Elephant, Black Dirt Sessions, or one of his many excellent collaborations) is still the same old grizzled, beer-guzzling, ditch-your-blow-up-doll-on-route-195-and-don’t-look-back kinda band that rocks out your socks out. But this album isn’t somber and gorgeous as BDS, nor is it as brilliant and barebones as War Elephant; still, as vocals go, “The Bump” starts off with some of his finest. Our biggest issue with this generally rockin’ affair is its superficiality, both lyrically and sonically. But it’s fun, almost divinely so, and comes recommended. (Just make sure you get those three other albums first!)

Get your download of “Main Street” on.

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