Cassettes Won’t Listen – “EVINSPACEY”
Daylight Curfew
-out June 21
3.5 / 5

After all’s said and done, this is what Los Angeles-based Jason Drake has to show for his latest full-length: a handful of catchy, electronica/ pop pieces (“Perfect Day,” “Wave to the Winners”), some hip-hop inspired beats, and a cease-and-desist. So certain famous actors don’t appreciate the shout-out; we do, and here’s why: despite Drake’s demonstrated cheekiness, he’s also got a good ear for pop, simple, enduring melodies, and a sense of joy and playfulness. Drake never bogs himself down with oversampling and overlayering (all the more impressive for the hip-hop producer), and each track maintains a clarity and directness about it, even with synth and bass and beats (amongst other electronica). The highlight here is that “Perfect Day,” but to say we didn’t also enjoy the dance beat of “The Night Shines” and “The Echoes.” Enjoyable, breezy electronica that comes recommended.

Listen to “Perfect Day,” and, what the heck, “The Echoes.”

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