Hello all and (every)one,
We just received info that the Newport Folk Fest (July 30 + 31) is almost certainly going to sell out early for Saturday, and most likely for Sunday, too. If you’re in the N.E. area, we’re wondering what other things you could possibly do if you can’t get a ticket:

-Complain about how the weather’s hotter than Florida, just like a native (it’s really not)
-Get pinched by a lobster when you try to put it in the boiling pot, then proceed to drop the crustacean and watch it scramble away
-Reminisce about how beautiful the fall leaves are, and complain (again) about the summer heat
-Get stuck indoors because it’s really just pouring out for your VACATION WEEKEND (no, we’re not bitter)

Actually, the Folk Fest is most fun when wet. But gosh darnit, if you want to show especially for Saturday, get those tickets ASAP. Especially considering they’ve got Elvis Costello, Gillian Welch, Middle Brother and an acoustic set by Tegan and Sara. And if you need to live vicariously through this blog (and that’s just sad, plain sad) we’ve got some pre-and post-Fest coverage coming up, with pics C.O. the lovely and talented Allie Runnion. Will keep you New Englanders updated on this important story as it unfolds. Gotta find where that little red guy went to…

PS Don’t forget the weekend after, which happens to be the always awesome Newport Jazz Fest (Aug. 5-7)!

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