On an On – “Give In”Roll Call Records-out Jan. 29 3.5 / 5 As much as we held out against On an On’s debut, our will has finally collapsed and we are officially fans of the Chicago electronic pop group. It’s slow, dreamy, at times celestial-inspired pop that comes on more subtly than our usual bang-a-drum rock tastes, but that’s a good thing. Those tastes are somehow sated with the ELO-tinged vocals on “The Hunter,” a joyous, bang-a-drum pop song that seems like it should be slow as molasses, but blasts smoky, infectious sound wrapping us not unlike a pig in a blanket. Much ofRead More →

Dutch Uncles – Out of Touch in the WildMemphis Industries-out Jan. 14 (UK)4 / 5 We’re glad that the first album of the new year comes from the fresh and funky Brits Dutch Uncles. It’s a shame that these guys are all the way over on the other side of the Atlantic, but we’re suggesting that you make that trip, especially if you’re a fan of  electronic orchestral pop. Like Field Music (and last year’s Plumb) expect a smattering of electronica, strings and other traditional instruments, funky rhythms, and a general brightness in music making. Take all these, and shake – not stir – andRead More →