Dutch Uncles – Out of Touch in the Wild
Memphis Industries
-out Jan. 14 (UK)
4 / 5

We’re glad that the first album of the new year comes from the fresh and funky Brits Dutch Uncles. It’s a shame that these guys are all the way over on the other side of the Atlantic, but we’re suggesting that you make that trip, especially if you’re a fan of  electronic orchestral pop. Like Field Music (and last year’s Plumb) expect a smattering of electronica, strings and other traditional instruments, funky rhythms, and a general brightness in music making. Take all these, and shake – not stir – and they come up with pop gems like “Fester,” a xylophone-loving off-kilter piece. The Uncles make vivacious, quirky arrangements more straightfoward than the more experimental Field Music, but that doesn’t make us love them any less: all that extra freshness and groove comes off light and airy, like a more sophisticated ELO. We greatly appreciate their bright color and sheer joy, culminating in “Flexxin,” even if we don’t quite get their rationale behind their song titles. Get that song down at the link below, and be not disappointed; recommended.

Take a quick trip to the UK right here.

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