Lake Street Dive – Bad Self PortraitsSignature Sounds-out Feb 184 / 5 We think it comes down to Rachael Price’s voice. We think that’s what it is: Massachusetts-based quartet Lake Street Dive is so heavily anchored on Price’s strong, feminine soul voice that it’s hard to imagine the other fantastic pieces (guitar, acoustic bass, percussion) fitting together without that crux. You may look around at other reviews that try to describe their sound, and they’ll say it’s a mix of this, a hodgepodge of that, but truly, it comes down to a tight trio supporting a fantastic, colorful voice. And these songs – songs mostlyRead More →

The Duke of Norfolk – Birds… Fly South!Mint 400 Records -out Feb 4 3.5 / 5 Birds… Fly South! is one of those little down-to-earth folk albums we like stumbling into every now and then. It’s a brief, earnest 34 minutes pared down from The Duke’s seven EPs over the past three years, all songs redone in a more cohesive style. The nom d’musique of UK resident Adam Howard, The Duke of Norfolk comes off like Josh Ritter’s second cousin and is stylistically married to The Avett Brothers: that said, anticipate acoustic guitar and banjo a-plenty, with folk vocals that have a slight Conor OberstRead More →