Memory is a large factor in our criticism. If you hear something, like it, but can’t remember it – it wasn’t that memorable, was it? (Obviously.) It’s important to us to keep that memory – after the music, what else will you have? Sing a song to work, play it in your head… hence why we get signed shirts, why we keep this blog, even. Not for guts or glory, for that memory. So we find ourselves almost a week after the final day of the Newport Folk Fest ‘Fourteen, a stack of notes, and really, there’s one thing that we remember most of thatRead More →

Welcome back.Sometimes we take weird angles at the Folk Fest. Honestly, it’s not that we’re trying to be weird, but sometimes that’s just how the experience turns out. We grossly apologize for the quickly hewn-together Friday coverage (still, check out sommah those bands!) as we were running on fumes, exhaustion, and no tea. Something that would make the kindest Arthur Dent (another author reference – Douglas Adams) a bit shaky in his delivery. In any case, here’s the story we were really writing when we were typing last night: The shirt is coming along. It’s about 80% filled and there’s still a day ahead. OurRead More →

Welcome back to our seventh year of Newport Folk Festival coverage – our first year taking torrential downpour for the Newport Mercury – we welcome and thank you back! If this is your first year taking in the blog, we’ll sum up the fest for you so far: it’s good. There. We said it. Our coverage, less so. We’re exhausted and need to get some output done. So we apologize that this post doesn’t full express our inspiration we felt today. Anyway, let’s start. The tall tall Tall Tall Trees. Okay, not super tall, but taller than us. We start the day with New-Yorker MikeRead More →