Well. We’re not going to lie and say that Amy had a bigger crowd than Rich Robinson, the main act last Thursday. But we are going to say that her trio (Shawn Zorn d., David Cousar g.) certainly deserved one. Our gal in Memphis felt the love in the dingy TT The Bear’s, and armed with her repaired acoustic bass (plus stickers of Johnny Cash, a cartoon), the diminutive bassist + two conjured a mood perhaps more fitting for a slightly cleaner basement bar; judging on the dark color of their songs, plus the knit, almost jazzy vibe between the three, we’re going to presumeRead More →

For a sweet-looking gal, there seem to be a lot of skeletons in Amy LaVere’s closet; and likely in the river, under the floorboards, etc. etc. The Memphis-based singer and acoustic upright bassist plucks her dark, almost sociopathic love songs at T.T. the Bear’s in Cambridge this Thursday (check it out here) in support of her third full length, Stranger Me. While we doubt she’s going to showcase her Fruit of the Loom again (link not provided, but check out MTV’s ‘$5 Cover’), we strongly suspect she’ll bring out some of her sunnier tunes, possibly including “Pointless Drinking” and the new “Red Banks” (lyrics –Read More →