Disco Biscuits – “Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens”
Diamond Riggs
-out now
2 / 5

We appreciate dance music of all types, colors, beats, etc. But when it comes to this latest from the Philly, PA dance/trance group, we find these Biscuits need some sweeter jam. Their nine extended tracks here do fit the trance train, and certainly jam a bit, but these beats don’t capture, they don’t pound and soar like they should from an otherwise tight quartet. What’s on this album is repetitive, not particularly engaging beyond the first couple plays, and not terribly dynamic enough to stick with you (or us, for that matter). The vocals are nice but don’t inspire, and the songwriting is their Achilles’ heel – it doesn’t twist and turn, it doesn’t bend about, but just stays in a particular groove and festers. As much as we’d like to enjoy the Biscuits’ efforts here (and their playing really is tight, fairly dense) Law Abiding Citizens makes us want to throw bricks into windows. Take a pass on this one.

Still, try it for free in 128 kbs at their site!

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