Field Music – “Plumb”
Memphis Industries
– out today!
4 / 5

We liked their previous double-album Measure, and really, we like Plumb even more. Field Music has drawn comparisons to Electric Light Orchestra, and on this latest release, they certainly show ELO’s ambitious sense of suite. As fifteen tracks (roughly 2-3 min each), you get a sense of incredible journey, of a brilliant, coherent travel through so many different shades of their innermost creativity. As a thorough (and rather gorgeous) suite, it’s difficult to pick out a single or two that describes this album, and that’s our main reason for loving this album. Yet, if you absolutely need a sense of their orchestral, playful precision, try out “A New Town” and “Just Like Everyone Else.” Our only minor regret is that the ending doesn’t quite complete this concept album, that it doesn’t sum up the preceding 40 minutes and leave us with a sense of closure. But when you consider how far they’ve taken you on this one, that truly is a daunting task. Recommended.

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