Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Before Today”
4ad Records
-out now!
4 / 5

Nah nah naaaah naaah… so sorry, we’ve just been grooving to Ariel Pink’s latest retro-80s offering. The LA-based group mashes together all the 70s funk bass and falsetto you can take on a platter of 80s synth-pop (with just a dash of surf-music harmonies), and the result is…well, far less confusing than that sentence. Like a mad scientist shooting his creation with electricity, Ariel Pink’s album jazzes and boogies to life; if you doubt us, go ahead and check out “Round and Round,” the best thing to hit late-night driving since the invention of the make-out session. Infectious and just a little bit full of itself, there’s no doubt “Before Today” will find a permanent home in your collection because, let’s face it, music was born to be as fun and blissful as this. Our only regret is that some of the earlier tracks could be a bit more engaging, but there’s enough good material on this release to merit your time. So buy it, steal it, borrow it from a friend and forget to return it (and if he asks, just put on your shades and shake your head), as it’s definitely recommended.

Listen to “Round and Round”

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