Hello fellow music-abusers,
Just going to warn you that I’m going to move into concert reviews as well; unfortunately, they’ll be restricted to my immediate range of motion (and how much gas I can put in my car). Expect to hear from Deer Tick and hopefully others soon.

Benefits from such a policy:
You’ll get an idea if the band’s that good in person. If you were unaware, there is a huge difference between a live band and a studio band; think the difference between eating oranges and orange jello.
(The jello will also be shaped like oranges).
Negatives: It’ll obviously be after the fact. You’ll have to catch them on their next date, so keep up soon and often!
Also – you might be able to triangulate my exact address based on the concerts I attend. If you come bearing gifts (especially of music and assorted teas) then, by all means, come. If you come bearing an ax to grind and, quite possibly, an ax, then I’m out for the day.

Hope this comes as a pleasant surprise!

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