Tigercity – “Ancient Lover”
-due out Oct. 20
4 / 5

Tight shiny pants and large golden rings prevail on Tiger City’s latest release. “Fake Gold” opens up and sets the tone: classic rock guitar, male falsetto, synth, and a sultry swagger. From the decade that brought us faux wood station wagons and Cling-ons, Tiger City has infused their nostalgia with a modern temperament and straight groove. That’s a good thing here, as their effort yields several strong tracks, including the title track, which feels will take you back to your high school close dance memories, and “Quicksand,” which might have come off the pop radio decades ago. For all their flavor, Tiger City also displays a slight reservation in their structure, eschewing the more frivolous aspects of their influences, and paring down to the parts that we all enjoy: beat, sway, and simple fun. Fantastic for fans of Depeche Mode et al., but surprisingly still damn fun even for the naysayers. Recommended.

Listen to “Mallory”: www.myspace.com/453173424

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