McCoy Tyner – “The Real McCoy”

Straight jazz never had it so good. As John Coltrane’s pianist on A Love Supreme, Tyner’s career was only just getting started. Here he’s assembled the rhythm section that drove A Love Supreme, with a cooking Elvin Jones on percussion, fiery saxophonist Joe Henderson, and, of course, the legendary Ron Carter. The man who’s appeared on more classic jazz albums than, jeesh, we can’t really count (excepting maybe Paul Chambers). The opener, “Passion Dance”: awesome. The closer, “Blues on the Corner”: likewise awesome. Everything’s incredible about this album, including even the logo (attention Blue Note, send a shirt this way). The tight musicianship, coupled with tracks that just grab you, have kept this one a personal favorite for the past… maybe five years? More? Who knows; just know that a friend who does not appreciate The Real McCoy is a friend without taste. Harsh, but you know it’s true.

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