Which means:
-We’re going to return to the albums we’re still listening to
-A review of some CDs we might’ve missed earlier in the year
-It’s finally time to break out the flip-flops and chicken-stained beaters

Okay, so we’re not passing out food-stained beaters to our staff over here. But it’s almost summer, and man, it’s been one heck of a year of music! Unfortunately, we missed most of it…
Like “Surfer Blood,” Yeasayer, Heligoland, a couple others. If you or someone you know (that smelly, mid-30s guy who lives in his mom’s basement) has a CD out this year that you want reviewed, feel free to send it here. That email’s up at the top bar.

Time to get back to work (hopefully Dead Weather will come through!). Thanks for keeping up with this little ‘ole blog, and feel free to post comments! Even if you totally disagree (though I’m always right, ‘natch). Peace out,
-The Mgmt.


  1. Hey! Could you look at Vienna Teng in some of the artists you've looked over? She's fabulous and she's toured with Shawn Colvin, India.Arie, Duncan Sheik and the Indigo Girls.

    Her music is light and eclectic and complimented perfectly by her soothing voice (kinda similar to Tori Amos in some respects) and the soft piano accompaniment. It's very dreamlike. Actually, I remember reading somewhere that someone described her music as a dream because it recalls such powerful emotions.

    She's touring now and she's AMAZING live. She's currently in CA, and if you're interested in checking her out (and live in SoCal), you can come see her perform !

    18 May 10 (Tue) 8:00 pm SOhO Santa Barbara, CA
    20 May 10 (Thu) 8:00 pm The Coach House San Juan Capistrano, CA
    21 May 10 (Fri) 8:00 pm McCabe's Guitar Shop Santa Monica, CA

    Thanks and Enjoy!

  2. Hey Chelsea,
    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Vienna Teng's got anything coming out in 2010, and she's not touring in the NE area. But thanks for the comment, and hopefully you'll like the post I'm going to do for today (or maybe tomorrow, not sure yet). Later,
    -The Mgmt

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