Arturo Sandoval – “A Time for Love”
Concord Records
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4.5 / 5

It is to Mr. Sandoval’s credit that his style is never forced, his tone always gorgeous, his timing impeccable. His latest album, “A Time for Love,” selects several American classics as well as a handful of classical pieces; the first of these, “Apres un Reve,” shows such a tender side of Sandoval, that it might pull you from the cookers on his magnum opus “Trumpet Evolution.” While our preferences lie just partial to “Evolution,” these love standards here are so well-crafted and honed that it’s difficult not to kick back and pop open a bottle of wine. “Oblivion (How to Say Goodbye)” featuring Monica Mancini, showcases the highlight of the album, with Sandoval’s muted trumpet playing off of Mancini’s delicate vocals; our personal favorite is “Speak Low,” a groovy little number that sizzles just a little while maintaining all the cool, casual charm that might come from a trumpet-playing Sinatra. “A Time for Love” is an excellent, intimate album that begs a special occasion and someone to share it with. Recommended.

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