It’s the time. The time of that season.
Whether you’re a fan of the local music scene (see Deer Tick below)

McCauley, just a-rockin’ (NFF 2012)

or a fan of Louisville, KY:

The art of Zen. Via Jim James (Also NFF 2012)

You’re gonna want to beg, borrow, and steal your tickets to the Newport Folk Festival. Only Friday tics are up on the site, so hopefully you have a REALLY REALLY GOOD FRIEND to help you out with Saturday and Sunday. Here are our pics (so far) for the three-day music extravaganza.

Friday: Iron and Wine and Ben Bridwell
Having appeared on Calexico’s latest album together, Sam Beam + the Band of Horses frontman is, from what little we’ve seen (erm, heard), a lovely, lovely match. Beam’s voice is calm, full, confident and just… ahhh, just what you’ll need on a hot July day.
-Recommended listening: The Creek Drank the Cradle (Iron and Wine)

Just check out that latest review. They’re muy caliente, these gents, and have been giving their Tex-Mex flavor for nigh twenty years. The fact that they’re still giving it good is remarkable in music terms, though we anticipate the crowd to be in-the-know on their music. They’re complex songwriters, tougher to get than the silky Iron and Wine, but well worth the time.
-Recommended listening: Feast of Wire, Garden Ruin

Joe Pug
We’re not sure what kind of crowd Mr. Pug might get this second NFF showing, but his latest Windfall has been getting good reviews, despite our own negativo. The fact of the matter is this: the Dylanesque singer/songwriter knows how to craft a story, set it to intricate guitar-work, and make you grow in the process. Yeah, we’ll definitely be there.
(Maybe he’ll resign our tee shirt!)
Recommended listening: Nation of Heat (EP), The Great Despiser

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