It’s funky, it’s infectious, it’s none other than Kamtin Mohager’s Chain Gang of 1974 (see vampire at right). The Denver, CO native breaks out all the stops for a perfect blend of punk/dance/pop explosion that is the solo debut “White Guts.” We’ve cranked up “STOP” on the sound system for more than half the year, a beat-driven psychediscopunkadelic opener that layers choruses and simply doesn’t relent. While you’re at it, you might as well put on “F’n Head,” a bass-heavy, tangled mass of electronica that damn well makes you punk out your f-ing head. The ten tracks here play fun and tough throughout, and the only requirement to enjoy them is to have an open ear and a live pulse. Or maybe that last one’s not a requirement (see vampire again at right). Regardless, we’re so certain that anyone can pick up and enjoy this thrill-ride that we’re willing to wager our collection of shiny pants and fuzzy dice on it. Not for the kiddies, due to that one track mentioned above, but they’re too young to have this kind of fun, anyway. Keep in touch, Kamtin.

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