Plants and Animals – “La La Land”
Secret City Records
-out April 20th
3.5 / 5

It’s still buzzing in our brains, the absolutely breezy take-out single, “Kon Tiki.” With a summery, Caribbean bluster it gently sways and cools on the musical palate. And when the upbeat, bubbly pop of “The Mama Papa” hits, we’re definitely sold. The rest of the effort from this Montreal trio is strong indie-rock (vocals, guitar, nothing out of the ordinary), but cools a little more than necessary. Take “Swinging Bells” or “Game Shows;” both tracks lack only that special little sparkle or distinguishing mark that might keep it in your player months from now. Still, what is here is a worthy effort, and you will find tracks to hold close and dear. “La La Land” will merit your money overall, and is a good, confident, laid-back way to start winter’s thaw.

Listen to: “The Mama Papa”:
Stream “La La Land”:
More Plants and Animals:

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