Portugal. The Man – The Satanic Satanist
Equal Vision Records
-due July 21
4.5 / 5

Portugal. The Man. Despite the bizarre name and punctuation, and the strange Zombies-era Cream-inspired psychedelic cover, it’s fair to say this album is good. I’ve never heard this much falsetto since I bought an Earth Wind and Fire greatest hits, but still it comes off groovy and with a bit of funk to it; the songs are inspired a bit by the era portrayed here, but this is solid modern rock with a great pop slant. These songs are very listenable, with great lyrics and choruses (“We may make it through the war/ If we make it through the night” from the opener), and excellent construction. But what really pays off here are the first three songs, “People Say” which comes off thematically anti-war like Dispatch’s “The General,” and just as catchy; through the hip-hop beat to the infectious “Work all Day;” to the heavily layered electronica of “Lovers in Love.” The album tones down a bit from this fantastic opening, but overall, Portugal is worth the exploration. Recommended.

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