Slow Club – “Paradise”
Moshi Moshi
-out now
3.5 / 5

We admit, we’re a little slow to get onto this train, but we’ll admit our shortcomings: Slow Club has a good thing going. Yes, we’re still a fan of those slower ditties, “You, Earth or Ash” and “Gold Mountain,” but on this release (the UK duo’s sophomore) we think they hit upon a winning combination of rock, Rebecca Taylor’s strong vocals, and Charles Watson’s bangin’ guitar (he also vocalizes a bit, too). The songs on Paradise run a strong gamut of rockers and ballads, just steaming on the kinda sexist “Where I’m Waking,” (“I can see you staring at me/ You’ve got the brains, I’ve got the body,” Taylor affirms), but heck, it’s still good fun. There’s nary a track here we don’t like, and though we don’t love-love to-have-and-to-hold this album, we suspect their next one will show a similar artistic growth. But for now, this one will most definitely do, and comes recommended.

Check out that kinda sexist video.

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