Basically, we like these guys. “Fits” was all over the place, just wild and cuh-razy; “D” was more melodic, less psychotic. And their latest EP from last month, “Takes Place in Your Work Space,” is a shining example of what a reckless and crazy band can do with pop (shirts or no). Yes, the name of the game is White Denim, and they’re coming to – of all places – Boston. The city that practically invented the six-way intersection. Reckless, indeed, and we think they’ll fit right in.
This crew is opening (along with Dear Hunters) for the Manchester Orchestra at the House of Blues Friday, Nov. 12 (tics start at $16.25). We’re going to go out of our way and say Manchester must have some musical taste to them; after all, Denim just announced dates opening for Wilco in the Southeast. Dying for a ticket? Thought so. Get your best freak-out on and rock out like a madman because, from what we heard, these guys put on a show a la nuts. Now get out there already!

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