Slow Club – “Yeah, So”
Moshi Moshi Records
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3 / 5

If every song from every band could be as intimate and quirky as “When I Go,” the opener from Slow Club’s debut, we’d be pleased as punch. The UK duo creeps into this track like a strange little She and Him, acoustic with a touch of sadness, and it comes off soaringly. But when the rest of Yeah, So picks up, the driving percussion and fevered pop energy aren’t enough to carry through (but still check out the story on “It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Beautiful”). Comparisons have been drawn between Slow Club and the White Stripes, and if there is a belabored comparison to be made, it is with a caveat: while one is sonically and lyrically cleaner, the other’s grime and distortion speaks more effectively. Polish isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Slow Club has too much of it, which has the unfortunate effect of blanching out the personality to the music. The live tracks on the bonus bonus disc are nice, but not quite enough to give it a recommendation. Nonetheless, download that fantastic single, and check out the link below.

Listen to “It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Beautiful”:

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  1. I saw them live before hearing their album and I love it – you're right they are like a UK She and Him but at the same time they're not. The album is in my car and regularly gets played very loud!

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