Top CDs of 2009: Part I

So. First pick, it’s going to be a bit more mainstream than most indie rockers are used to, but let’s face it: you’re out clubbing, it’s late at night, and you still haven’t found a better CD for it than Franz Ferdinand’s. We understand. Having released in January, this album still keeps it’s disco-funk beat, it’s flashy, catchy hooks, and Kaparanos’ swaggering vocals well into the next year. Even if you’re not a big fan of Mr. Ferdinand, especially after 2005′ “You Could Have it So Much Better” (a somewhat ironic title), this is the CD to get you back into your tight pants/shiny dress and hit the town. While “No You Girls” is already a top single on, our personal favorite is “Lucid Dreams,” with opener “Ulysses” and “Bite Hard” rocking right behind. Find it, steal it, buy it if need be; just be sure to finagle this one into your collection. Highly recommended.

Listen to “No You Girls” –, “Top CDs of 2009” playlist

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