We’ve been mighty busy getting books out to people. We’ve only got two free copies of the book left (copies without the UPC, rare indeed) and you can pick up one of those on the forums at the main site. We just ask that, when you’re done, you put the book back up on the forum for the next fellow/lady to enjoy.

And when we run out of these two copies?? PANIC!
Okay, not really.

Because you can still always purchase this so-called “digital copy,” or a “digi-book;” or, you can call/drive/amble on to one of these fine bookstores. We’ve been doing a few book signings, and maybe you’ll catch us at an open mic with one of these copies on hand. $12 at an RI location (hopefully) near you. $5 at Amazon, so far, until we update it with more stories (see below).

We’ll be updating the more bookstores that carry “Keeper,” so do keep in touch. And we’d also love to hear your opinion of this fine, fine writing! On here, or at Amazon or Goodreads. Check out those reviews so far. Doin’ purdy good, we’ll say.

Thanks for all your time and support and patience! We’re working on Book II of “The Keeper of Dreams” (title TBD) and have a couple novels edited/queried out right now. Gonna need another illustrator for the new book! Keep in touch, or direct us to someone who’s interested!

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